Store Application Status

To further improve your experience with our site, we are doing a few last minute upgrades.

Your experience is our top priority, so we are doing everything we can to make that experience better. These delays usually wouldn’t happen, and we thank you for choosing iCentiPay!

Update #1: We are creating all the stores now!

Due to recent upgrades, we are approving stores slower than before. Please check the status of our upgrades below, and our current approval list.

All priority (yellow) stores will be completed before normal stores, because they applied earlier.

  1. Shorthorn LTD (Ryan_VWorp)
  2. Guardian Construction Supply (GreyHat97)
  3. Slice’s Shoppe (SouthSlice)
  4. 2M (PrinceAdam)
  5. Vilnius International (DominationLT)
  6. Haruno Enterprises (MyNameIsSakura)
  7. Palm Shores (CJTDude1)
  8. HexiGen Corporation (TreyIsABadCop)
  9. Flunited (taloju) (In progress)
  10. GoldenLottery (Gold___)
  11. Doodle’s Supplies (Doodle)
Application Status
Shorthorn LTD
Guardian Construction Supply
Slice's Shoppe
Vilnius International
Haruno Enterprises
Palm Shores
HexiGen Corporation
Doodle's Supplies (Contact Live Chat)

Blue means your store is going great.

Green means your store has been completed.

Yellow means your store is a priority. This doesn’t mean that you are more important, it just means that you applied earlier.