What is iCentiPay?

iCentiPay is a platform that helps businesses succeed.

iCentiPay Services

  • iCentiPay (Pay others, and receive Forsals, revolutionize the way you pay)
  • iCentiStores (Online shopping platform, enhance your shopping experience)
  • iCentiSocial (Social Media platform, building communities)
  • iCentiJobs (Job listings platform, connecting employers with employees)
  • iCentiAwards (Awards event, promoting businesses to do better)
  • iCentiAwards (Awards event, promoting businesses to do better)

iCentiPay - Revolutionizing the way you pay

iCentiPay is designed from the ground up to perfect online payments, with transaction records, and instant transactions. With iCentiPay, offline payments are finally possible!

iCentiStores - Enhance your shopping experience

iCentiStores is a platform that helps companies sell their products easier, and users to purchase items easily. With iCentiStores, anybody can start a store easily, and get access to many locations across the server. Users can finally forget about “Out of stock”, and find products easily on iCentiPay, without the need of ever wasting valuable time finding items.

iCentiSocial - Building communities

iCentiSocial is a social media platform designed to create communities, and connect users.

iCentiJobs - Connecting Employers with Employees

Looking for a job? Want to hire people? iCentiJobs is the platform for you! With iCentiJobs, you can now easily post job listings, within seconds. Users can now get employed in a matter of seconds, with iCentiJobs.

iCentiAwards - Promoting businesses to do better

iCentiAwards is an event that encourages businesses to do better.